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Old Havana Morro-Cabaña complex

Morro is the most emblematic of all Cuban fortresses. San Carlos de La Cabaña is a military complex placed in the very entrance of Havana bay, all of this together used to defend the city of any attack.

Approximate distance from the house: 1KM

Interest: From the room you can hear the traditional gunshot of 9:00 PM, as if you were standing in the very own complex.

Morro-Cabaña complex

OLd Havana Historical City Part (Core)

Old Havana is the oldest part of our capital. Nowadays is one of the most important touristic places due to the restoring of the churches, fortress and historical buildings, and also count with many prestigious restaurants.

Approximate distance from the house: 2KM

Interest: We can reach this beautiful zone going along the edge of the bay. This zone is also Humanity Heritage.

OLd Havana

OLd Havana Prado Walk

Prado walk, main artery of Havana Center, was born as a need of the city growth, when exceeded the city walls. In that time the public's places in the inner wall, for recreational purposes were insufficient.

Approximate distance from the house: 200 mts

Interest: If you are of those who enjoy fresh air you can have a wonderful walk.

Paseo del prado