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rent a car in CubaHow to rent a car in Cuba?

You can rent a car at the airport, when you arrive, or by internet. Several agencies give this service, and cost may be variables, according to the car class or the reservation time, etc. We suggest checking several options before reserving. You may find many fuel stations all over the country. To ask for a car for rental you most show your passport and drive license.

What currencies are there in the countryWhat currencies are there in the country?

You can find two currencies, the Convertible Peso (CUC) and Cuban peso (CUP). Convertible peso (CUC) will be the one you will use. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, bars, store, supermarkets, taxis, car rental and many other services. All the houses will also be paid with this currency.
CUC is equivalent to the American dollar, but has a penalty of a 10%.
For example, if the euro rate is 1,35 CUC you will get for 100 euros, 135 CUC, however if instead of 100 euro we change 100 dollars you will get 86 CUC approximately, due to the 10% of penalty.
Cuban Peso (CUP) is only used for a limited amount of products and services, like movies, local trades post not directly implicated with tourism.
For one CUC you will get 24 CUP.